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Omega Phoenix for the 16K ZX81

This game will run in colour ausing a Chroma interface, but will also run on a standard ZX81. The classic 1980 arcade game Phoenix can now be played on a Sinclair ZX81. The program will run on a ZX81 with a standard 16 ram pack, but if a Chroma interface and/or a Zonx sound interface is in use, the game will play with colour and sound.
The game follows the attack waves of the classic arcade game, two waves of small birds followed by two waves of big birds and a boss battle. An extra life is awarded for every 10,000 poits. The first two difficulty levels features reduced or no enemy bullets and five player lives.
Phoenix was the first arcade game I played that was actually any good. Breackout was trivial, Space INvaders or Galaxians were pretty basic games. Pheonix was a gorund breaker in terms of gameplay. Download the game and enjoy...

Download Omega Phoenix for an emulator

Download Omega Phoenix as an MP3 file for a real ZX81
3D Skeleton Maze for the 16K ZX81:
This game has the same maze design and exit as "3D Monster Maze", but also elements of Mazogs and even "Dungeon Master" from the Atari ST. Use a sword or magic to navigate a series of randomly generated mazes. Pick up treasure to buy and sell potions or armor. Fight fearsome skeleton warriors and find the exit. If you get lost, conjure a magic path to guide you to the exit door. Defeated skeletons drop gold or you can sometimes find it at the end of a cul-de-sac. Keep an eye on your health and use potions to restore yourself. When you level up, use the character screen to improve your health/magic or strength levels.

This game will run in colour ausing a Chroma interface, but will also run on a standard ZX81.

Download 3D Skeleton Maze for an emulator

Download 3D Skeleton Maze as an MP3 file for a real ZX81
Tractor Beam for the 16K ZX81:
This Galaga style game features most of the game elements found in the arcade version. Aliens fly onto the screen to assemble their attack force. A special master alien on the top row can use his tractor beam to capture one of your ships. Don't let him get away with that! Shoot him down next time he's attacking, reclaim your ship and dock two of them together to double your firepower. Also features four selectable difficulty levels and three unique challenging stages. Shoot down all forty aliens in the challening stages to get a special 10,000 point bounus. Extra life for every 50,000 points.

This game will run in colour and with sound using a Chroma interface and a Zonx sound board, but will also run on a standard ZX81.

Download Tractor Beam for an emulator

Download Tractor Beam MP3 file for a real ZX81
Calvary Class for the 16K ZX81:
Calvary Class, a sequel to Masada Class. This game continues the story where Earth Command do not know the fate of the Masada from the last game. Launch the newest AI powered star ship - the Calvary. Travel to the alien galaxy, locate the Masada and bring it home. Features a combination of four action stages and search and rescue theme.
This game uses pseudo Hi Res graphics and features what may be the most powerful star ship to ever feature in a ZX81 game. The Calvary can fire two bullets that travel at high speed to destroy alien fighters. Those aliens thought they had defeated the Masada. Pilot the Calvary, rescue the Masada and make certain those aliens know that Earth ships are not to be messed with.
This game will run in colour and with sound using a Chroma interface and a Zonx sound board, but will also run on a standard ZX81.
Download Calvary Class for an emulator

Download Calvary Class MP3 file for a real ZX81
Chain Reaction for the 1K ZX81: This is a 'bejeweled' style game for the unexpanded 1K Sinclair ZX81. Match 3 numbers in a row or column. The numbers will explode and take any adjacent numbers of the same value with them. The asterisks are bombs. Match 3 or them and all numbers around them will explode. Create a chain reaction as new numbers drop down to get 1,2,3 etc to 7 times points for each number removed.

The instructions are:

Press any key to start

Use cursor keys 5,6,7,8 to move around. Press zero to select a number then a cursor key to select the swap direction.

If you can't swap any more, press 1 to reset the game

Download 1K Chain Reaction for an emulator

Download 1K Chain Reaction MP3 file for a real ZX81

Hi Res ZX81 Berzerk: Here's my earlier ZX81 Berzerk game retooled to run is Hi Res. This game features more bullets, robot movement, more action and generally more Berzerk! There are more options including inverse video mode and even a mini game on the title screen. How much more can be packed into only 16 kb?
ZX81 Berzerk supports the Chroma interface. It will run on standard hardware, but if you use a Chroma interface, the game will play in color.

Download Hi-Res Berzerk for an emulator

Download Hi Res Berzerk MP3 file for a real ZX81

ZX81 Berzerk: A ZX81 conversion of the 1980 arcade game from Stern Electronics. Features much the same game feel as the original game. Shoot the robots yourself or use the original game strategies of tricking robots into shooting one another or get Evil Otto to kill them for you. The ZX81 may not be able to create the speech found on the original game, but a scrolling text at the bottom of the screen lets you know how you are doing. If you leave any robots alive when you exit the stage, you will be reminded to not be a chicken and fight like a robot. Click on the links below to download either an emulator file (.p format) or an MP3 file if you wish to play this on an orignal machine.
ZX81 Berzerk supports the Chroma interface. It will run on standard hardware, but if you use a Chroma interface, the game will play in color.

Download Berzerk for an emulator

Download Berzerk MP3 file for a real ZX81

ZX81 Jetpac: Inspired by the 1983 Spectrum game, this has the same game play including four types of alien and two spaceships. Written entirely in machine code it has redefinable keys and four difficulty levels - features not found in the orignal game. Click on the links below to download either an emulator file (.p format) or an MP3 file if you wish to play this on an orignal machine.
ZX81 JetPac now includes support for the Chroma interface. It will run on standard hardware, but if you use a Chroma interface, the game will play in color.

Download Jetpac for an emulator

Download Jetpac MP3 file for a real ZX81

ZX81 Masada Class Game: This is a prehistoric Bukster game from the 90's written for my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81. In this game you play the part of a Masada type robot battle craft. You were abandoned in space after a war in the 22nd century. now you are called back into action after an alien invasion. As usual for these sorts of games - you are Earth's last hope.
Part of challenge for me was to see if I could make a decent game with only 16 kilobytes of memory. This game features 6 stages and in game messages. Early ZX81 games hardly ever had features like explosions when an enemy was hit or a pause function. I wanted to do something better.
This game is available for free download. The download comes in .t81 format for use with ZX81 emulators that support it.
By the standards of the games that came out when the ZX81 was a new system, this looks pretty good. However a number of other programmers have continued to produce games for the ZX81. Now that you have an emulator, be sure to check out some of their forums for games that make this look pretty lame. There are some very skilled people out there and I salute their efforts. The ZX81 was not an easy machine to program on.

2.0 Mb Zip file

Download 1

Download Masada Class MP3 file for a real ZX81

Here are a few minor ZX81 programs for emulator
Giant letters utility - A machine code version of the Giant letters program written in Basic below. This is designed for use a deom of the ZX81's abilities and could be used for setting up a display in a school or museum. Input a string and it scrolls up the screen in giant letters.
Gigantic - A program I wrote myself in Basic. Input a string and the ZX81 will convert it to large text and scroll the message repeatedly. It was intended as a possible shop display utility.
Toad on the Road 1983 Griffon Software. Author details unknown. This game from a private publisher in New Zealand is a worthy Frogga clone not seen on the Internet previously.
Robots on Terminus IV Antarctic Computing 1982. Another New Zealand software house not previously seen on the Internet. They also did a version of the popular Trek game which despite several attempts I have not been able to convert to emulator format. However, at least this effort can be saved. This adventure game uses the dot symbol in place of a space. Use commands like "Get Shoes" to obtain items or N,S,E,W,U or D to move.

Bukster Chess
Bukster Chess version 7. The New AI is finally ready and uploaded. It is smarter and a lot faster than the old version. Play against the computer or another person. You can even make the AI play against itself Choose to play as black or white. You can take back moves, swap sides, get the computer to make a move for you and many other features. This is the only chess game written entirely in GML using Game Maker. Check back for updated versions. Click the screenshot or one of the download site buttons below to download.
2.0 Mb Zip file

Download 1
Description/Download ScreenShot
Hall of Shadows If you like maze games, then this is the game you have been waiting for. In this game you have to find the exit to a huge maze. Pick from four maze sizes and six monster difficulty levels. The mazes are generated by the computer, so every new game has a unique maze to solve. Save and load your games if you can't finish a game in one session.
Fight monsters, pick up treasure, armor and health potions. Trade with the maze fairies for the things you will need to solve this maze.
The smallest maze gives you a game you can play in five minutes, the largest would cover a wall in your house if you could see the whole of the maze at once.
2.8 Mb Zip file

Download 1

Check out some screenshots on this page

This screenshot has been shrunk and cropped check out the screenshots page to see full size screenshots, maps and views of the game. Hall of Shadows

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