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Brooke Fraser is one of the most talented musicians to come out of New Zealand in recent years. She is now also the star of two video games and a clock application. Check out Brooke's web page here

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Brooke Fraser Pacman. Features ten different mazes and several different maze styles. Watch out Brooke, the devil is after you. But that nasty old Devil doesn't scare Brooke. Grab a cross, turn him blue and go get him. He's good for up to 1600 points. Bukster Games - where even the Devil is good for something, in this case bonus points!

This game runs in full screen mode. The screenshots are smaller than they appear in the game.
2.3 Mb/Zip file

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Brooke Fraser Pacman
Brothersoft rating: Brothersoft five star rating
Brooke Fraser Mazer. Three kids are lost in a dark, spooky maze full of vampire bats. Don't panic kids, Brooke will get you out. Grab a cross and your light radius expands. Watch out for those bats though. If a bat touches you, your light will shrink and your time will run out very quickly. Get all three kids and lead them to the exit.
This game features computer drawn mazes, so you get a new maze everytime. On the higher levels you get more bats and less time - yikes!
1.4 Mb/Zip file
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Brooke Fraser Mazer
Brooke Fraser Clock. Eyes move in time with the pendulum.
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Brooke Fraser Clock

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