Silver the Silver Pheasant
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Silver the Silver Pheasant

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Description ScreenShot
Back to the barnyard for you killer chicken! If you win this epic battle, you get hits points back in the form of a chicken dinner.
Buk Buk Buk Buk-Erk!
This mini map provides a view of the local area. If the maze currently has a trail leading to the exit, the trail shows up in yellow. Get the trail from the trading fairies. It only lasts a few minutes, so follow it while you can.
Local View
In this shot, the dinosaur has just lost and you get 11 hits points back from eating a roast dinosaur dinner. The words 'This Way' show the route to the exit as this maze currently has a trail in it. It looks like a skeleton warrior is heading towards our hero. He is a tough opponent and you can't get any points back from eating him.
Dinosaur Battle
Here is a map of the whole maze. This is on the 50 by 50 maze level. The 19 by 30 one shows the same detail as the local views. If you select the 244 by 183 maze, you get a map with simple detail only. There is no map for the 350 by 350 maze level. The maze is so huge, that it would be impossible to make out any detail for a maze that size.
50 by 50 map
Here is a map of the whole maze on 244 by 183 maze level with a trail shown. If you want a maze that will take you hours to solve, that this is the one for you. You can save the maps as screenshots to file and print them out later to do with a pen and paper if you want.
Detailed level 3 map

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