Silver the Silver Pheasant
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Silver the Silver Pheasant

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Steve Irwin Think-O-Clock. Steve's thoughts scroll across the thought balloons above his head in this clock or screensaver. If you edit the thoughts in the included text file, you can make Steve think anything you want. This clock also features an alarm and a chime function. Steve 'Crikeys' the hours like a cuckoo clock.
It's a sad world without everyone's favourite Australian. Perhaps a little Steve on your desktop will help.

1.3 Mb/Zip file

1.3 Mb/Zip file
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Crocs Rule! Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has taken Momma Croc's eggs. Bad move Steve, now Momma Croc is going to make you pay! Help her get her eggs back and escape Australia Zoo. That'll teach Steve Irwin not to mess with Momma Croc!

1.54 Mb/Zip file
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Crocs Rule!
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